Video for your pleasure - Children love Canada

Video for 150th anniversary of Canada

Follow us in the middle of October on the mountains with the Lahu and Karean peoples.

Françoise always in action. Thung Luang/Huai Sai church (Karean people; pastor Dton and Lak).

Went to Chiang Rai with pastor Gaétan from Montréal (6 hours on the road and on the mountain to meet Lahu people; pastor Boy and Muie).

Pastor Gaétan riding an elephant and our presence with Christians in Chiang Mai for the funeral of the King.

This month: Always a good message from my wife for the church in Thailand.

Holiday in Australia, Sydney.

Lot of works this month. Need for rest in Australia on September 26th 2017.

Sermon September 17th at Ban Mai Sawaan church: Our perfect God (Book of Matthew 6: 9-13). Story for Karean tribe (church listen very well).

Francoise preach on the mountain (Thung Luang church) and we brought SPAGHETTI...

Missionaries from Montreal (13 people and thanks to their leader Sonia Masseau) coming to help at Ban Mai Sawaan church and churches on the mountain : Prayers with younger and older people, with the tribes mountain villages. 4 suitcases of medecines and  hundred people coming for the imposition of hands and medical care.